As you have noticed the Pulse has not been up to par.

The reason is:

When I left Liverpool in early June I moved my computer.

It apparently got damaged in the move.

The hard drive got damaged.

That hard drive has 20,000 photos of Queens County taken over seven ears.

All the stories ever on the Pulse

and more.

For the last two months I have tried to get the hard drive fixed sending it all over the country.

I have one place left…a lab in Germany.

That is why there are no scenic shots and photos.

I will wait a few weeks for the results, if not I will end the Pulse.

Without that drive there is no Pulse.

Thanks for understanding.


Alex J. Walling




  1. Alex. Don’t you think that you owe an explanation of what is “really happening” at The Pulse. A lot of people supported your efforts with the publication. From readers to advertisers. Further support and good wishes were evident when you took a break to care for your family member. I believe a brief explanation is in order. An explanation that will satisfy your readers, and save them the time every day from checking if The Pulse is back.

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