A very rare thing happened yesterday as the regular council meeting was cancelled because there were not enough items to fill or put on the agenda.

Maybe so, but these meetings are important and I feel the meeting should have been held.

By the way, the Pulse checked with the former Mayor, John Leefe, and never in his 12 years, was there such a reason to cancel a council session.

But this is what could have been done with the time.

Why not invite the public to discuss some items and/or invite suggestions?

Why not offer groups a chance to make presentation to council?

Why not have a good financial session discussing where the region stands financially?

What happened in Springhill could it happen i Queens?

Why not air what some potential problems and solutions are for Queens?

Discuss the future of Queens.

Why not allow each Councillor a chance tp speak for 5 minutes on the pros/cons of his/her constituency.

I’ve attended a few meetings this year, some of these items may last longer.

There is never a reason to cancel a public meeting.\

Queens county is a 16 million dollar business, the public only gets 26 times a year to see “council in action”, we missed an opportunity yesterday.


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