Hi Alex.

 If your announcement earlier this year is correct, we will see The Pulse either shuttered or suspended this coming weekend.  That being so I have a few comments.
First of all.  You have provided a good forum for the citizens of Liverpool to air their views, rant a little, praise some person or event, and to send in photographs of their favourite scenes or their pets.  While everyone has not agreed with what you have written, or not necessarily agreed with what others have written, we have had a chance to read your opinions and comment on them.  For that I am grateful.
There has been many controversial issues raised in The Pulse during the past several months.  Some items like the crematorium situation have been settled.  Others like the Sherman Hines Museum fiasco are still up in the air.  We are going to miss The Pulse bringing such situations to our attention, and providing us that much needed forum to comment on those same situations.
As you are aware, one of my repeated points of view has in fact been the Museum.  We kept reading assurances from our elected officials that a solution was at hand.  In reality, what do we have?  A museum that is advertised as a Liverpool attraction, that is in fact closed!  This is the type of situation where we will miss The Pulse.  Who is going to keep the pressure on our elected officials to rectify this terrible waste of a fine building on our main street?
So in conclusion Alex.  You have done a fine job.  I personally hope to see you return to Liverpool and restart The Pulse when your business elsewhere is taken care of.
Thank you for being there to read while I have my coffee every morning.  Well, most mornings!!



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