What is news?

And, in this case what is news on the Pulse of Queens County?

First of all, media outlets cover the news in their coverage area. For the most part ATV (CTV) cover the news “across the Maritimes” and that’s why Steve Murphy could have his lead story from Fredericton, PEI or anywhere in Nova Scotia. Tom Murphy and Amy Smith cover Nova Scotia news and a half hour on HRM on CBC-TV.

The PULSE covers Queens County and 95% the Liverpool area.(From Port Joli-Western Head- Milton) The other 5% comes from the provincial government and things in the province that affect Queens.  One such example would be the recent ferry announcement in Yarmouth.


There is no such thing as positive or negative news.  News is news and as a rule a newscast or a print entity such as this will mirror what happened  or is happening in a community on that day.

I never get up and say “Well, I must have 5 positive stories and 2 negative stories on the Pulse today.” I get up and say “I wonder what will transpire today, good or bad.”

Some days there are many so-called “good stories” such as a citizen winning an award, some announcement of importance coming to town or the RCMP announcing a program to help citizens but other days a business closes, some property is destroyed or stolen or someone starts a fire such as the one at the Queens County Museum.


This story ran in September 2013

Indeed every day is different.

No editor or news director controls the news but most of us re-act to it.

Everyday things happen and some are planned and many are not. Some times we know or have an idea of what will happening like last week’s money given by MP Gerald Keddy to the curling club or Donna Hatt having a big event for artist at White Point  or Remembrance Day ceremonies and so the Pulse knows what some of the photos will be. But others we don’t have a clue.


There could be a business or house on fire, a huge power blackout, a serious car accident, a roof caving in, some kids doing a wonderful thing for their school or community and many others. Very few of Pulse readers have written to say there is too much “negative” news on this site. To the microscopically minuscule amount of people who believe this to be true then try this exercise.

Crafts at White Point

Crafts at White Point

Read the Pulse for a week and count what you think are negative stories and you’ll really be surprised how few there are. Let’s say the “FB (Fiore Botanica)story” was negative because too many it was not last week. We had Dixie Lee hitting their first anniversary, A brand new store opening on Main Street (Fashionable Treasures), the curling club press conference,, the Queens Ground Search and Rescue and many more.   It’s like that every week.

Is a business closing “negative news”?   Are we only to tell you of business openings?

We personally prefer the opening of business and try to cover every one but we feel we have to tell you when a store closes.

Some times the news is very unpleasant such as the Laura Robertson  murder and subsequent conviction of  James Leopold,  It’s real ligfe and happened in our coverage area.

I hope I’ve shed some light on how the Pulse functions.

One of these days we’ll discuss comment and editorials and your replies.

Alexj (Walling)


P.S.  AT 10;30 on Wednesday morning a fire broke out at the Mersey Hotel….  that “News” was not planned.  News can happen anytime.


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