The Pulse received this email.

Wrong direction for The Pulse commented on FEEDBACK WELCOMED BUT NAME IS A MUST

“Not very fair to those wanting to give honest and open opinions about articles written. In a small town, a name can hinder the ability for a person to comfortably comment. Personally, if this is the case, I will probably not be reading The Pulse.”


Every newspaper that I know demands a person sign their name in a letter to the editor.

We sign our editorials.  A person should not be afraid to stand by their comments.   No names leads to petty issues, name-calling and more.

This policy is not negotiable.

Thank you.



5 thoughts on “SORRY, NO NAME, NO PULSE

  1. I agree with you on this one. If you can’t sign your name then it isn’t important enough to you. I always think of the brave who stood up for what the believed like Martin Luther King. Signing a comment/complaint/concern is only small compared to those who put their lives at risk for what they believed in.

  2. I agree Alex I have no problem pinning my name to my opinion. Just because some one doesn’t agree with it shouldn’t mater. It promotes healthy debate eliminates rude hateful comments that are just meant to hurt people. There is enough of that in other blogs.

  3. Alex, you are 100 % correct on this….And I completly agree with the Andrew Maule comment above. Like Mr. Maule, I have no problem with signing my comments…Some may view them as “simplistic”…and others may view them as “stirring the pot”, and have…and so be it, for they are entitled to their views as well….This foroum is truly open and transparent…and thanks for that Alex…Take care all, and have a safe holiday week end

    • John, I have allowed two people not sign their name in 15 months of the Pulse; and looking back they were not opinions but more or lesspublic servce type annuncements.

      You, Andrew< peggy and many are welcomed here because you sign your name.

      And I put comments on that don't agree with the editor.

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