You can reach the Pulse of Queens County via email.

We’re at:

Don’t be shy to send your information, pictures, and more to the Pulse.

Our phone number is: 902-350-2719



  1. I been looking at your site now awhile now,i use to look forwards to coming to the site,, But i notice you have and been having old post from day to day,So i do not come back as much anymore Fine someone open a new business in liverpool thats fine,, but the pictures do get old ,,now i just come on and scroll down a little and leave

    • Ron:

      eVERYDAY, EVERY SINGLE DAY THERE IS OR ARE NEW STORIES ON THE pULSE. Some re continuing stories such as the new school which opened yesterday, others are a comment like the piece from John Winters and some others are news items like the PepRally tonight. Items don’t last more than a few days on this site.
      What old news do you refer to?

      Also I don’t control news, some days much happens some days very little after all this is Liverpool not Halifax


  2. I have to agree with Ron here. Didn’t you have a notice on awhile ago that stated “stories only stay on for 24 hours?” Well, a lot of them on the site are old, and most people wish to only read it once. I’m like Ron, I scroll down a few and leave once a familiar one comes in sight. By the way…….what happened to the Upcoming Events ads? Maybe a link would help get to them quicker? Thanks……….

    • Diane…Took notice down because people wanted more time now I go 2 days depending on item.

      Next, PSA page will be updated daily. It is the lead item today.

      And in around a month the Pulse will have many changes.

      Thanks for reading


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