As you have noticed the Pulse has not been up to par.

The reason is:

When I left Liverpool in early June I moved my computer.

It apparently got damaged in the move.

The hard drive got damaged.

That hard drive has 20,000 photos of Queens County taken over seven ears.

All the stories ever on the Pulse

and more.

For the last two months I have tried to get the hard drive fixed sending it all over the country.

I have one place left…a lab in Germany.

That is why there are no scenic shots and photos.

I will wait a few weeks for the results, if not I will end the Pulse.

Without that drive there is no Pulse.

Thanks for understanding.


Alex J. Walling



Great question has the Yarmouth ferry been successful ? .

At this point in time it would be difficult to know…since the numbers are not in. The success of the ferry would be dependant on the number of jobs created, room nights,B & B, hotel, motel, meals, fuel, new business creation, and or the re-opening of former businesses….to me job creation would be very high on this list. When the ferry service was first axed, the public word from White Point Resort was that it most likley would not effect their business…

Now when the ferry service is mentioned, there is nothing but praise for the service,..starange how opinions change,,,,and the reasoning. Due to the near last minute start up of the ferry, most tour bus companies had other arrangements and destinations in place, early fall being the cream of the tour bus season, so the early closing of the service is understandable, sad, but none the less understandable. Harbours Edge B&B reported in media that they have had their best summer since being in business, due to the ferry, surpassing a previous record when two ferries were running.

Yarmouth Mayor Pam Mood gave a report at a recent session of Yarmouth Town Council this full report can be viewed by going to ustream and typing Yarmouth Town Council meeting’s both live, and any meeting can be called up, this in addition to viewing live on eastlink cable, but since some residents do not subscribe to eastlink, the Town council decided to stream live their neetings, and committee meetings as well…this is true transparencey, and shows the public they have nothing to hide, or simply keep from the public, not so every where !!

Thanks for the space, and welcome back Alex….John Townsend